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Our Team

The County Attorney’s Office provides legal counsel to the thirteen (13) Standing Committees and the Special Committees of Warren County, along with County Departments which are supervised by those Committees.  The initial attorney point of contact and legal resource for each County Committee and Department for 2023 are as follows:


Lawrence Elmen, County Attorney


Criminal Justice & Public Safety

  • Assigned Counsel
  • Courts
  • District Attorney
  • Office of Emergency Services
  • Probation
  • Public Defender
  • Sheriff


  • County Administrator
  • County Treasurer

Legislative, Rules & Governmental Operations

  • Auditor
  • Board of Elections
  • County Clerk/DMV
  • Information Technology
  • Purchasing
  • Self Insurance

Occupancy Tax Coordination

Personnel, Administration & Higher Education

  • SUNY Adirondack
  • Civil Service
  • Human Resources
  • Clerk of the Board


  • Tourism

ARPA Advisory

Robert Terwilliger, First Assistant County Attorney

County Facilities

  • Airport
  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Fire Prevention & Building Code Enforcement
  • Weights & Measures

Public Works

  • DPW
  • Parks, Recreation & Railroad
  • Warren County Sewer
  • Solid Waste & Recycling

EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

Ryan Dickey, Assistant County Attorney

Economic Growth & Development

  • Planning & Economic Development
  • Employment & Training Administration

Health Services

  • Mental Health
  • Office for the Aging
  • Public Health

Human Services

  • Department of Social Services
  • Countryside Adult Home
  • Youth Programs
  • Veterans' Services
Christopher Briggs, Assistant County Attorney

Environmental Concerns & Real Property Tax Services

  • Real Property Tax Services

Park Operations & Management

Extension Service