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Warren County Clerk On-Line Records

The Warren County Clerk serves as both the Recording Officer and Filing Officer for the County of Warren. It is an office of public notice. Thousands of pages of documents are recorded and filed with the County Clerk's Office each year - Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Tax Warrants, Business Certificates (DBAs), Corporations, Money Judgments and More.

Since 2009, these public records have been available on-line for your 24/7 convenience.

Before continuing, please note the following important information:

  • The website you are entering is hosted by our vendor, Info Quick Solutions. For assistance, support, questions, please contact IQS at 1-800-320-2617.
  • You may search for and view available records at no charge. Simply log-in as guest. If you wish to print copies of documents (example: a copy of a deed or a mortgage), a fee will be charged ($5 per document if you are not a commercial subscriber). You will need to provide your credit card information. Note: This information does not go to the County Clerk.
  • A complete list of available on-line records and their dates can be viewed on the website (see log-in page). Our Real Property records are available from c.1963 to current. Civil Action Court Cases are notavailable on-line. Searches are done by name. The County Clerk's Office does not index by tax parcel or address.
  • For historical records (ie: deeds 1813-1962, APA, Lis Pendens) please use the Indexbooks tab at the top of the search screen. Indexbook fees: 50 cents per page (effective 6/6/2016).

We trust that this information is helpful to you!


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Carrie L. Black, Warren County Clerk