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Promoting Physical/Emotional Well Being

Our activity program helps to promote and maintain the physical and emotional well being of each resident. An organized program of individual, group, and self-directed activities is available to enable the residents here to engage in cultural, spiritual, physical, political, social and intellectual activities within the facility and the local community.

You will often see our residents shopping at Walmart, attending musical events at the band stand in Warrensburg, apple picking, strawberry picking, at the Senior Citizen picnic, the Balloon Festival, as well as various other programs. We feel it is very important for our residents to maintain their ties to the community. 

There are also various groups that volunteer their time at Countryside Adult Home and the staff and residents are grateful to them. Some of the volunteers that we have are "Cliff and the Kitchen Pickers," "The Desparados," "Frank and Friends," visits from the area school children, visits from the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, to name just a few. 

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