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Phone: (518) 761-6347 programs and services available under the auspices of the Warren/Hamilton Counties Office for the Aging are made possible with funding from Warren and Hamilton Counties, the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA), and the U.S. Administration on Aging, as well as by voluntary contributions from program participants and donations from the public.

Phone: (518) 761-6460

This office provides legal counsel to the indigent under County Law 18B in both Criminal and Contested Family Court matters.

Phone: (518) 761-6413

The Warren County Auditor is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to oversee all expenditures made by County departments. The Auditor's Department checks all invoices for mathematical accuracy, budget appropriation coding, funding source, adherence to County policies, and department approvals.

Phone: (518) 761-6458 or -6459

Primary Polling Location.pdf Board of Elections provides services necessary for the education, registration, preparation and completion of the election process.


The Warren County Board of Supervisors functions in accordance with rules and regulations established under the New York State Constitution and State laws. It acts as both the legislative and executive branches of County government. The Board of Supervisors consists of twenty supervisors that are elected every two years (or four years in the case of the Town of Chester and the Town of Warrensburg).

Phone: (518) 761-6542

The Fire Prevention and Building Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the enforcement and administration of the New York State Uniform Code and the Energy Conservation Construction Code in Warren County (except in the Town of Queensbury and City of Glens Falls).

Phone: (518) 761-6440

Warren County Civil Service administers Civil Service Law and Rules for classified employees in the county, towns, city, village, school districts, college, libraries and other special districts within the County.


By law, the Clerk of the Board is responsible for:

  • Keeping a true and accurate record of all committee meetings and board meetings held by the Board of Supervisors
  • Preparing material for printing of the Board Proceedings
  • Serving upon each board member notices of committee meetings or special meetings of the Board of Supervisors
  • Certifying and publishing copies of legalizing acts taken by the Board of Supervisors and filing same with the State Comptroller as required by law
  • Copying and transmitting copies of the budget for supervisors and the public
  • Filing oaths of office with the County Clerk
  • Keeping custody of all policies of insurance
  • Addressing public inquiries regarding access to records or minutes under the Open Meetings Law
Phone: (518) 623-3451

The Warren County Countryside Adult Home is a 48 bed public, non-profit, Adult Residential Care Facility, which is licensed by the New York State Department of Health. Its purpose is to provide long-term residential care, room, board, housekeeping, personal care and supervision. 

  • Furnishing data necessary in preparation of the annual budget
  • Computing tax rates for both the county and towns and verification of town budgets
  • Preparing tax rolls and furnishing financial data to the Real Property Tax Services Department
  • Signing tax warrants and filing abstracts of tax levy with the County Treasurer
  • Coordinating informational and advisory services as the Board of Supervisors may require
  • Implementing programs and policies of the Board of Supervisors to promote efficiency
  • Serving as liaison between the Board of Supervisors and several administrative departments
  • Submitting reports and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, and providing such other assistance as may be requested
  • Performing duties as prescribed by law and directed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Includes Office of Public Affairs, which is responsible for external communications including press releases, email newsletters, social media and county website news sections. Warren County Facebook page can be found here. Our Twitter page can be found here.

The County Attorney is the legal advisor to the Board of Supervisors and every officer whose compensation is paid from County funds in all matters involving an official act of a civil nature. The County Attorney prosecutes and defends all civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the County, the Board of Supervisors, and any officer whose compensation is paid from County funds for any official act, except as otherwise provided by other law. The County Attorney is also the Warren County designated privacy officer under the Federal Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In connection with Family Court matters, the County Attorney's Office is the Presentment Agency for juvenile delinquency petitions and is routinely the Presentment Agency for schools and parents in connection with petitions or persons in need of supervision.

Finally, the County Attorney deputizes attorneys in the Social Services Department to perform duties on his behalf in connection with the work of the Social Services Department.

Phone: (518) 761-6427

The Office of the County Clerk is mandated by State Law in every aspect of the position. In each of the following capacities, documents are filed and recorded, fees collected, and periodic reports are submitted. All fees collected are distributed according to statute, portions of which are submitted to the Warren County Treasurer and which support the Warren County Budget.

Phone: (518) 761-6544

The Office contains hundreds of file folders and volumes, donated by those interested through the years. A detailed inventory is available. 

Phone: (518) 824-8865

The Department of Workforce Development operates the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program. This is a 100% Federally funded program, with funds distributed by the New York State Department of Labor. Warren County works in a three-county consortium with Saratoga and Washington Counties to receive and allocate funds. To access funds, the County is mandated to create a Workforce Investment Board and a One Stop Center for providing core employment services along with a variety of other optional services.

Phone: (518) 761-6405

By County Law and the New York State Constitution, the District Attorney's Office is required to provide the following services:

  • Enforcement of all criminal laws;
  • Ensuring public safety;
  • Prosecuting all crimes in Warren County from violation level to felony level.
Phone: (518) 761-6007

The Warren County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a private not-for-profit organization governed by an independent Board of Directors. The Corporation has a contract with Warren County to provide the following services:Supporting existing companies through technical and regulatory assistance and act as a liaison between business and government;Administering the Warren County Empire Zone;

Phone: (518) 761-6240

This site is dedicated to the EMS providers of the county and is designed to facilitate communication amongst all members of the EMS community.

Phone: (518) 761-6240

Warren County Office of Emergency Services is dedicated to the safety of the residents and visitors through the provision of training for volunteers, development of emergency plans that incorporate mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for all types of major disasters that occur within Warren County.


Cornell University Cooperative Extension is a non-formal educational organization which provides programs based on the needs of the county while linking unbiased research based information from Cornell University.

Phone: (518) 792-5995

The Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport (GFL) provides the fastest, most convenient access to Glens Falls, Queensbury and the Lake George region of the southern Adirondack mountains in beautiful upstate New York.

Phone: (518) 761-6398

In addition to Imagemate Online and the Community Map parcel viewer, Warren County GIS hosts a variety of web maps. 

Phone: (518) 761-6580

The Home Care Division of Health Services is responsible for two major programs that are not mandated, but allow the county to ensure full area coverage and offer charity care (where necessary) that other providers may not be inclined to offer.

Phone: (518) 761-6482

Warren County Department of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for HR management, employee relations, and health benefits administration. Employees are encouraged to visit and utilize this page as a resource.

Phone: (518) 761-7669

In general, the Information Technology Department helps the County purchase, maintain, administer, program and troubleshoot the technology that helps the County succeed.

Phone: (518) 798-7542

The purpose of this county-sponsored local development corporation is to further projects and programs that enhance the economic well-being of Warren County and its communities. In addition to serving as a fiduciary account for County Planning Department projects and repository for housing program funding awards, disbursements and repayments, the LDC administers the county’s small business lending program.

Phone: (518) 792-7143

The Office of Community Services oversees a wide range of services for individuals and families impacted by various disabilities. The majority of funding is State funding that flows from NYS Office of Mental Health, NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

Phone: (518) 761-6410

Planning and administrative support services to the Warren County Planning Board for monthly review meetings.Providing technical services to local planning and zoning boards for matters related to community master plans, zoning ordinances and related land use regulations.

Phone: (518) 761-6444

The Mission of the Warren County Probation Department is to provide professional, cost effective intervention and service to adult and juvenile offenders that enable judicial systems to offer a community based rehabilitative program as an alternative to confinement.


Summary for Dept list page here.

Phone: (518) 623-4141; (518) 761-6556

The Department of Public Works is responsible for overseeing all County highway and bridge construction, maintenance of all road machinery and snow removal, as well as managing the following divisions: Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, Maintenance Shop, Buildings and Grounds, Civil Defense & Natural Disaster, Parks & Recreation, Engineering, Sewer Administration, and Highway & Traffic.

Phone: (518) 761-6538

The Warren County Purchasing department is responsible for the purchase of materials, supplies and services for all Warren County Departments. Our goal is to obtain the best quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost and to assure the responsible and economical use of public money.

Phone: (518) 761-6466

The Real Property Tax Services Agency is required by New York State Real Property Tax Law and is not funded by the State. The main purpose of the department is to provide services to Town Assessors, local municipalities, school districts and the County, some of which are paid for by towns or school districts. 

Phone: (518)761-6528

The Self-Insurance Department performs support services for Warren County and the Towns within the County.


The Warren County Sheriff's Office provides several law enforcement and public safety services for the people of Warren County.


Ensuring the provision of assistance and services necessary to sustain dependent and disabled persons, protect children and adults from abuse and neglect, and to assist applicants and recipients in achieving the greatest degree of independence possible.

Phone: (518) 761-6366

Actively promotes and markets the Warren County/Lake George area as a 4-season travel destination.

Phone: (518) 761-9800

STOP-DWI stands for "Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated". The STOP-DWI Program was enacted by the State Legislature in 1981 for the purposes of empowering county governments to coordinate local efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug-related traffic crashes within the context of a comprehensive and financially self-sustaining alcohol and highway safety program. Pursuant to Article 43-A Section 1197 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the Warren County STOP-DWI Program develops and coordinates a comprehensive DWI countermeasures program - that places a priority on general deterrence - the prevention of drunk driving through the increased certainty of arrest and conviction.


Phone: (518) 761-6375

The Treasurer's Office is a department supportive of Warren County Departments through payroll, accounting audits, state and federal government audits, tax collection, budget assistance and administrative support.

The County Treasurer provides the following services:

  • Receives and is the custodian of all money belonging to the County or in which the County has an interest and maintains a true account of all receipts and expenditures for the County;
  • Serves as legal custodian of Court and Trust funds;
  • Serves as trustee for cemetary lots;
  • Serves as administrator for estates of County residents when called upon;
  • Provides real property tax information to County taxpayers, local governments, banks and attorneys.
  • Administers collection of Occupancy Tax for the County.
Phone: 518.644.9767

Explore all there is to learn and do at Up Yonda Farm, Environmental Education Center

Discover the natural beauty of the Adirondacks in upstate New York.  Up Yonda Farm offers 75 acres with a spectacular view overlooking Lake George. Public nature programs on a variety of topics are presented year round. Natural history exhibits featuring a diorama with native mammals and birds are housed in the museum. Watch for wildlife outdoors as you hike along one of our woodland trails. There are perennial gardens, including a butterfly garden from June to September. Special programs for schools and groups are available by reservation.

A view from the Vista Point at Up Yonda Farm.

Up Yonda Farm was donated to Warren County by long time Bolton Landing residents, Alice and John Scott. Over the years, the Scotts took great pride in caring for the grounds of Up Yonda. Their intent was to create an environment where visitors could learn while enjoying nature. The name Up Yonda comes from Doctor Willie Meyer who referred to the farm as his place “Up Yonda” during the early 1900’s. Alice’s mother, Anna DeJonge purchased the property in 1932 and later sold it to Alice in 1945. The DeJonge family was from Staten Island, where they owned a paint pigment company. John Scott was from Ontario, Canada. He met Alice while visiting his sister, Helen Hamilton, who lived in the Bolton area. John and Alice spent many years together at Up Yonda Farm. They ran a tourist cabin business, raised chickens, and operated an egg business. The Scotts were both real estate brokers, and maintained beautiful perennial and vegetable gardens. A mutual respect for Up Yonda led them to donate the property and a trust fund to Warren County. Their wish was to transform Up Yonda Farm into an Environmental Education Center. Today, Up Yonda Farm is operated by Warren County Parks, Recreation, and Railroad.

Now, as Warren County’s only Environmental Education Center, outdoor recreation and education can be found on the 75 acre Up Yonda Farm in Bolton Landing. A popular visitor attraction for schools and the public, Up Yonda presents a variety of nature programs throughout the year. Up Yonda now features an auditorium, museum, sugar house, and a butterfly exhibit during the summer months. The farmhouse has an educational space, live turtle exhibit and a small gift shop area featuring locally produced honey and maple syrup as well as field guides. There are natural history exhibits and wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the property and series of hiking and snowshoeing trails provide access to a scenic vista of Lake George.

Up Yonda Farm in the 1950's

Phone: (518) 761-6342
  • The Warren County Veterans' Services Agency provides the following, as mandated by the Division of Veteran Affairs and County Services Agency:
  • Assists veterans, spouses, dependants and survivors with claims to the Department of Veterans' Affairs;
  • Assists with applications for pension, compensation, education, medical, employment, burials and insurance;
  • Provides transportation to and from the Albany Veterans' Administration Medical Center on a daily basis;
  • Sponsors a monthly program which Honors a Deceased Veteran.
Phone: 518-761-6463
Phone: (518) 761-6496

The Weights and Measures Department is mandated by the State of New York and is responsible for assuring measurement accuracy in commerce throughout the County in Accordance with Article 16 of NYS Agriculture and Markets Law. The department conducts the following activities to promote equity in all commercial transactions involving quality, weight, measure or count:

  • Inspects and tests all commercially used weighing and measuring devices and systems.
  • Inspects and tests packaged commodities.
  • Performs petroleum sampling and investigations.
  • Cause to be corrected any violations.
  • Keep and maintain applicable standards of Weights & Measures.
  • Submit an annual report to New York State listing inspections performed.
Phone: (518) 761-6362

Providing children, youth, and teens with opportunities to meet their needs for physical, social, moral, emotional, and educational growth.