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St. Mary's Academy

St. Mary's Academy Class of 1967 celebrated their 50threunion on October 13-14, 2017! Enjoy their walk thru downtown...50 years later! 

In what year was the cornerstone of St. Mary's Church laid?


Which New York State legislator has an office on the former Urban Renewal site across from St. Mary's (and was also an alumni and Prom Queen??)

Sen. Betty Little

45's were listened to in this Glens Falls landmark! What business is now in the Braydon and Chapman building?

Domino's Pizza

Name one business located in the former Fowler's Department Store (originally B.B. Fowler)?

190 Grille, JMZ Architects

Is the Clock still on Glen Street? And what was the name of the book store that it stood in front of?

Yes! Ridge Book Shop

Which bank has the beautiful terra cotta facade (fortunately, preserved)?

Glens Falls National Bank & Trust Co.

Which bank was known as the "white bank"?

First National Bank

What was the original name of building which was served as our YMCA?

Ordway Hall

Name 2 brew pubs on Glen Street.

Davidson's & Mean Max Brew Works

What is the name of the jewelry store in the former J.J Burns newsroom and candy shop! (PS... it still has 2 entrances!)

Northeastern Fine Jewelry (Scoville's was there prior to closing at end of 2016!)

Harold's Country Kitchen was in the former Star Building on 26 Ridge. What restaurant is now located in this building?

Bistro Tallulah

What is the origin of the name of the Glens Falls roundabout, "Centennial Circle"?

The roundabout was named in honor of the city's 100 year anniversary (1908). Diane and Jon Swanson of Queensbury submitted the winning entry for the Name-the-Roundabout contest held in 2007.

Is the bandstand in City Park the original bandstand?

No. The current bandstand, known as the Glens Falls Bicentennial Bandstand, was erected in 1976; it replaced an aging bandstand which went to the VFW for 2 years.

What is the name of the engineering firm located on the site of the Paramount Theatre??

Structural Engineering Services (SES)

In what year did the Queensbury Hotel open???


Welcome to the Queensbury Hotel

And to

Reunion 50 ~ St. Mary's Academy ~ Class of 1967