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Mission Statement

Director: Robert F. Iusi

The Mission of the Warren County Probation Department is to provide professional, cost effective intervention and service to adults and juveniles that enable judicial systems to offer a community based rehabilitative program as an alternative to confinement.

Adult and Juvenile Probation Supervision: Cost effective supervision of adjudicated/convicted, PINS, Misdemeanor and Felony cases in the community as an alternative to placement or incarceration.  This may include specialized supervision such as Release Under Supervision, Pre-Trial Services Program. Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Treatment Court and Ignition Interlock Monitoring.

Pre-sentence/Pre-plea Investigations/Pre-dispositional Investigations: Criminal Court and Family Court reports where information is gathered relevant to the subject's current legal status, past legal history, and social circumstances, both current and past, so that the judge can make an informed decision.

Restitution: Collection and disbursement of Court Order restitution for both Family and Criminal Court matters.

Juvenile Intake: Intake of incoming Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) & juvenile delinquency cases.  Diversion and Adjustment assess and mediate cases to deter proceedings into Family Court. 

Youth Part of Superior Court Voluntary Assessment and Case Planning Services (VACPS): Voluntary assessment and case plan development for Felony arrest pending in Youth Part Court.

Custody and Adoption Investigations An investigation that review custody and adoption cases with a physical description and assessment of the home.


Ignition Interlock Device Vendors: