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What to Bring

Before you arrive at Warren County Social Services, take a look through our list of what you might need and save yourself an extra trip!

If Required... You will need these documents...
Who you are Photo ID, Driver's License, US Passport
Age of each applying household member Birth or baptismal certificate, hospital records, driver's license
Where you live Current rent receipt, mortgage records statement from non-relative landlord
Shelter Expenses Current rent receipt, current lease, mortgage records, property and school tax records, sewer and water bills, utility bills, telephone bills.
Social Security Numbers Social security card or proof that you have applied for Social Security numbers for every one in your household who is applying for assistance.
Citizen or Alien Status Birth certificate, US Passport, military service records, naturalization certificate, immigration and naturalization service documentation. SEE NOTE ABOVE.
Earned Income Current pay stubs, tax records, business records, statement from roomer or boarder of amount paid for lodging.
Unearned Income
Child Support Statement from person paying support
Social Security Benefits Current benefit check or award letter
Veteran's Benefits Current benefit check, current award letter, official correspondence from Veteran's Administration.
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Official correspondence from NY State Department of Labor.
Interest and Dividends Statement from bank, credit union or broker
Educational Grants and Loans Statement from school or bank current award letter.
Worker's Compensation Current award letter or check stubs
Bank Accounts Bank books or credit union records
Checking Accounts Bank statements
Burial Trust or Fund Bank statement or copy of funeral agreement
Burial Plot or Agreement Statement from cemetery, funeral director or church, of funeral agreement.
Life Insurance Policy (If applying for FOOD STAMPS only, proof of this is not needed.
Real Estate Other Than Where You Live Deed, appraisal/estimate of current value by real estate broker.
Motor Vehicle Registration, title, financing information
Stocks and Bonds Stock certificates, bonds
School Attendance of Those Attending School records, statement from school
Health Insurance policy, insurance card, statement from provider of coverage, Medicaid card.
Unpaid Rent or Utilities Copy of each bill, statement from landlord or utility company
Paid or Unpaid Medical Bills Copy of each bill
Absent Parent Death certificate, survivors benefits, divorce papers, Veteran's assistance or military records. (If applying for FOOD STAMPS only, proof of this is not needed
Disabled/Incapacitated/Pregnant Statement from medical professional, proof of Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits
Other Expenses/Dependant Care Expenses Cancelled checks or receipts, statement from child care provider, court order, statement from aid or attendant