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Tourism Department Overview:

To position the Lake George Area as an iconic vacation destination and “Original Vacation,” the Warren County Tourism
Department has consistently created vibrant and innovative year-round brand awareness and thematic campaigns to generate
demand, interest and visitations.

Located in the southern part of the Adirondacks, the Lake George Area is perfectly situated within a day’s drive for more than
60 million people, and is in an enviable geographic location with its primary travel corridors of I-87 enticing visitors from the north
and south, and I-90 bringing visitors from the east and west.

With its primary market encompassing the Metro New York/New Jersey DMA and secondary markets in Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Montreal, Quebec, northern Pennsylvania and Western New York, the Lake George Area has been a generational and perennial
vacation favorite of families for decades, inviting visitors to enjoy the natural beauty, outdoor recreation and unique experience that
can only be found as part of their “Original Vacation.” Demographical targets for the region include women averaging 50+ years of
age as the primary vacation decision makers followed by Millennial parents and Gen Z-ers entering the workforce. Outreach and
marketing tactics are adapted to changing media consumption habits.

The overall tourism communications strategy combines an integrated marketing campaign of high-performing traditional advertising
and digital media highlighting the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, targeted campaigns and niche market development also promote
the vast array of annual events, and myriad activities that offer something for everyone! Destination marketing decisions are based on
research, market trends, data analytics, industry standards and performance tracking.

Tourism Department Mission:

Warren County Tourism works to responsibly promote and support the tourism industry in the Lake George Area through marketing,
collaboration and communication with regional tourism partners and visitors.

Tourism Department Vision:

Warren County Tourism will be the official leading source of year-round promotion and visitor services for the Lake George Area, working
cooperatively with business partners to manage and cultivate the Lake George Area’s brand as “The Original Vacation.”

Tourism Department Values:

Warren County Tourism uses a professional, team-based approach to provide objective, innovative and honest promotion about the Lake George
Area. Our staff members are dedicated to sharing their enthusiasm for our region using multiple media platforms to provide accessible and timely
information that visitors to the region can reliably and efficiently incorporate into their vacation plans.

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